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Our Restaurant Management System is a computerizes restaurant operation so that all information about customer’s orders and staff activity will be conveniently shared and stored over the restaurant’s intranet. Wait stuff will be able to view table status with a click of a button. The wait staff will be able to enter the customer’s orders quickly and efficiently and then have it electronically delivered to the kitchen. The kitchen staff will be able to view the incoming orders. Finally it delivered to the Admin as a final bill. Most importantly, all of the restaurant information is organized and saved in the system database for the management viewing and archival. The analysis will consist of by-the-day and by-the-hour breakdowns of:

  • Revenue and revenue percentage per menu item
  • Menu item popularity
  • Personnel efficiency
  • Average turnaround time (how long patrons spend in the restaurant)
  • Average preparation time (time from when the order is placed to when it is ready).

There is no more abundance of papers and long hours of punching numbers. All data is automatically collected and processed allowing management to focus on analyzing the data rather than calculating it.

Product Feature

  • Administration
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Order Management
  • Online Food Ordering
  • Accounts
  • Tracking System & Report

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An administrator can arrange table with its seat capacity, also can create food category and menu item, maintain the income or expenditure and assign waiter login permission. Administrator also can view all kind of report. When a waiter send a request of final Bill after finish an order administrator approve this Bill as final bill.

HRM modules have employee administration, payroll and legal reporting, resource, workforce and talent management. Scheduling, time and attendance, performance support, recruitment, employee performance.

Order management maintained by a waiter, where a waiter collect orders from customer by a mobile device (Like as Tab) and send it to kitchen for prepare the order item. When an order is finished waiter send a final bill request to administrator for approval.

We develop an API for our system where a customer can order a food menu from home or outside of a restaurant. Throw internet by online food ordering module.

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Restaurant Management System

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