Web Development Training (HTML,CSS,PHP-MySQL,JavaScript, jQuery,AJAX,XML and Bootstrap)

Part – 1: HTML
Class: 8
Minimum Hour: 16
Real-time Project: 3

Course Details:

Introducing HTML, HTML Tag Reference, HTML Lines, HTML Line Breaks, HTML Links, HTML Images, HTML Comments, HTML <font>, Background Color, Text Alignment, HTML Links – The target attribute, Same page visit, HTML Tables, HTML Tables and the Border Attribute, HTML Table Headers, HTML Unordered Lists, HTML Ordered Lists, HTML Definition Lists, Text Fields, Textarea, Select, Password Field, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Submit Button, Iframe. Use iframe as a Target for a Link, Color Values, 16 Million Different Colors, Shades of Gray, Web Safe Colors. HTML Layouts – Using Tables, HTML Layouts – Using Div Elements, Doctype, The HTML base Element, The HTML meta Element, The Easiest Way to Add Audio to Your Site[Yahoo Player], Using Plugins, Playing Audio in HTML, Using The <embed> Element, Using The <object> Element, Using the <audio> Element, The Best HTML Solution, Using the Yahoo Media Player, Using Google, Using A Hyperlink, Playing Wave Audio Using QuickTime, Playing MP4 Video Using QuickTime, Playing SWF Videos Using Flash, Playing WMV Movies Using Windows Media Player, Playing Wave Audio Using QuickTime, Playing MP4 Video Using QuickTime, Playing SWF Videos Using Flash, Playing WMV Movies Using Windows Media Player, Playing a YouTube Video in HTML, Sliding Text etc.


Part – 2: CSS
Class: 5
Minimum Hour: 10
Real-time Project: 2

Course Details:

Introducing CSS, CSS Comments, The id Selector, The class Selector, External Style Sheet, Background Color, Background Image, Background Image – Repeat Horizontally or Vertically, Property Values, Background Image – Set position and no-repeat, Background – Shorthand property, Styling Text, Styling Links, An Image as The List Item Marker, CSS Tables, CSS Border, Dotted Border, Padding, Image Gallery, Image Gallery [Row Section], CSS Box, First Letter Change, Top Menu etc.


Part – 3: HTML5 & Bootstrap
Class: 3
Minimum Hour: 6
Real-time Project: 2

Course Details:

Introducing HTML5, HTML5 New Elements, Migration from HTML4 to HTML5, Introducing Bootstrap, Basic template, Overview, Containers, Grid system, Offsetting columns, Nesting columns, Responsive tables, Forms, Responsive images, Glyphicons, Modals,Navs, Navbar, Carousel etc.


Part – 4: PHP-MySQL
Class: 12
Minimum Hour: 24
Real-time Project: 4

Course Details:

Introducing PHP, Basic PHP Syntax, Comments in PHP, Variables in PHP, String Variables in PHP, PHP Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Conditional Statements, Array, Numeric array, Associative array, Multidimensional array, while Loop, for Loop, foreach Loop, PHP Function, PHP Form Handling, Upload-File Form, Restrictions on Upload, Saving the Uploaded File, Introducing MySQL, Create a Database, Create a Table, Primary Keys and Auto Increment Fields, Create a Connection to a MySQL Database, Closing a Connection, Insert Data Into a Database Table, Insert Data From a Form Into a Database, Select Data From a Database Table, Display the Result in an HTML Table,The WHERE clause, The ORDER BY Keyword, The PHP $_REQUEST Variable, The PHP Date() Function, PHP Date() – Adding a Timestamp, PHP include() Function, PHP Math Functions, PHP Miscellaneous Functions, PHP MySQL Functions, PHP Mail Form, The LIKE Operator, SQL Limit, Code (A-L-L), PHP Login, Update MySQL record, Delete MySQL record etc.

Part – 5: JavaScript &Jquery

Class: 6
Minimum Hour: 12
Real-time Project :3

Course Details:

Introducing JavaScript, Client side scripting, JavaScript Variable, JavaScript Function, JavaScript Loop, Operators, Form Validation, JavaScript Errors.Introducing JQuery, jQuery Selectors, jQuery hide() and show(), jQuery Animation etc.


Part – 6 :AJAX
Class: 2
Minimum Hour: 4
Real-time Project: 1

Course Details:

Introducing AJAX, Create an XMLHttpRequest Object, Send a Request To a Server, Server Response, Event, AJAX PHP, AJAX Database etc.


Part – 7 : XML
Class: 2
Minimum Hour: 4
Real-time Project: 1

Course Details:

IntroducingXML, XML Syntax, XML Elements, XML Attributes, XML Namespaces, Displaying XML, XML and XPath, XML Validator, XML DTD, XML Schema, XML on the Server, XML Applications etc.


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