Software Development

The working environment in the entire world is changing very fast. The world is shifting from the traditional style of working environment to more and more sophisticated and techno savvy one. For accomplish this transformation, these companies are taking recourse of advanced technology and extensively using computers. In fact, acquiring the latest technology and going for Software Development has become main means of doing business in the current world. This increasing demand of software development has led to the flourishing of the IT consultancy industry world over. In the present-day highly competitive world, every organization is looking for tailor made, cost effective, high quality, scalable customized solutions that could function speedily and provide quick results. To accomplish this task, many organization is taking the help of cutting edge technologies to provide them a suitable solution their needs. Appropriate customized software development has become the key for producing such a solution. This is one reason that has been increasing the importance of developing customized software solutions more and more. One of the major benefits of developing customized solution is that it provides a solution which is as per your exact requirement and provides only those functionalities required by you.

DevsZone already develop:

view_quiltSchool Management Software

We provide user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. The various modules available in Devzone facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies.

assignmentRestaurant Automation System

Devs-RAS computerizes restaurant operation so that all information regarding to customer’s orders and staff activity will be conveniently shared and stored over the restaurant’s intranet. Hosts will be able to view table status with a click of a button. The wait staff will be able to enter the customer’s order quickly and efficiently and then have it electronically delivered to the kitchen. The kitchen staff will be able to view the incoming orders and notify the proper wait staff when the food is ready. Most importantly, all of the restaurant information is organized and saved in the system database for the management viewing and archival.

storePoint of Sale (POS) System.

POS software development programs now on the market let you track usage, monitor changes in unit dollar costs, calculate when you need to reorder, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. You can even control inventory right at the cash register with point-of-sale (POS) software systems. POS software records each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always up-to-date. Better still, you get much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system. By running reports based on this information, you can make better decisions about ordering and merchandising.