C# Asp.Net Training

Part – 1: HTML5 & Bootstrap
Class: 3
Minimum Hour: 6
Real-time Project: 2

Course Details:

Introducing HTML5, HTML5 New Elements, Migration from HTML4 to HTML5, Introducing Bootstrap, Basic template, Overview, Containers, Grid system, Offsetting columns, Nesting columns, Responsive tables, Forms, Responsive images, Glyphicons, Modals, Navs, Navbar, Carousel.


Part – 2: C# Basic
Minimum Hour:12
Real-time Project:3

Course Details:

Introducing C#, For Loop, For Each Loop, While Loop, Array, If Condition, If Else Condition, Switch Condition, Display Database Data, Display Data with WebGrid etc.


Part – 3: ASP.NET Forms
Minimum Hour:6
Real-time Project:2

Course Details:

Introducing ASP.NET Forms, Desktop Toolbar, introducing Desktop based application, Validation, Required Field Validation etc.


Part – 4: Introducing Razor
Minimum Hour:4
Real-time Project:1

Course Details:

Introducing Razor, Razor Syntax, ASP.NET Razor – C# Variables, ASP.NET Razor – C# Loops and Arrays, ASP.NET Razor – C# Logic Conditions etc.


Part – 5: ASP.NET Web Application with SQL Server
Minimum Hour: 12
Real-time Project: 2

Course Details:

IntroducingASP.NET,ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms – HTML Pages, ASP.NET Web Forms – Server Controls,ASP.NET Web Forms – Events, ViewState, TextBox Control, Button Control, Data Binding, ArrayList Object, Hashtable Object, SortedList Object, SortedList Object, Repeater Control, DataList Control, Database Connection, Master Pages, Navigation, Examples, etc.


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